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  • RE: Metrics Machine Batch Export

    Those could be added, I guess. Where features are generated for a given set of ufo files.

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  • RE: Clicked on Views Icon- now robofont crashes on open.

    Hi Zack

    Somehow you managed to add a Smart Set in which the search query is not valid.

    You can use a script to remove a single item from the Smart Sets list, or completely remove all Smart Sets.

    Run one of these in a Scripting Window:

    1. Remove all Smart Sets

    # be careful: this is not undoable
    from mojo.UI import setDefault
    setDefault("smartSets", [])

    2. Remove a Smart Set item

    from mojo.UI import getDefault
    # get all Smart Sets
    smartSets = getDefault("smartSets", [])
    # print out Smart Set names with index
    for index, smartSet in enumerate(smartSets):
        print(index, smartSet["smartSetName"], smartSet.get("query"))
    # set an index number, and uncomment the lines below
    # indexToRemove = 3
    # del smartSets[indexToRemove]
    # setDefault("smartSets", smartSets)

    good luck!

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  • RE: Generate font with limited character set

    He Pieter

    a script could help you out:

    # get the current font
    font = CurrentFont()
    # make a copy of it
    destFont = font.copy()
    # make a list of glyphs to swap
    # this could be built automatically if a fixed glyph naming pattern is used
    glyphsToSwap = [
       ("A", "A.alt"), 
       ("B", "B.alt"),
    # loop over all pairs of glyphs to swap
    for dest, source in glyphsToSwap:
        # get the glyph objects with those names
        destGlyph = destFont[dest]
        sourceGlyph = destFont[source]
        # insert them in the destination font
        destFont.insertGlyph(sourceGlyph, dest)
        destFont.insertGlyph(destGlyph, source)
    # generate the font
        format="otf",                            # in .otf format
        path=font.path.replace(".ufo", ".otf"),  # into the same folder
        checkOutlines=True,                      # with remove overlap
        decompose=True,                          # and decompose 

    Maybe you want to swap them in kerning and kern groups too...

    This script allows you to keep the existing feature file.

    good luck!

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  • RE: Issue: Custom Tool – getGlyph() returns None

    ps. BaseEventTool.getGlyph() returns None only the first time you activate the tool in a new glyph window; the second time, it does return the current glyph:

    custom tool is active​
    <RGlyph 'i' ('foreground') at 4691232360>
    custom tool is inactive
    custom tool is active
    <RGlyph 'i' ('foreground') at 4485911888>
    <RGlyph 'i' ('foreground') at 4691234264>
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  • RE: Issue: Custom Tool – getGlyph() returns None

    hello @RafaŁ-Buchner,

    I don’t really know what BaseEventTool.getGlyph() does… (so not sure if it’s a bug)

    why not simply use CurrentGlyph() instead?

    here’s an example script based on

    from import BaseEventTool, installTool, uninstallTool
    from mojo.drawingTools import *
    class MyTool(BaseEventTool):
        def setup(self):
            self.position = None
        def mouseDown(self, point, clickCount):
            self.position = point
        def mouseDragged(self, point, delta):
            self.position = point
        def mouseUp(self, point):
            self.position = None
        def becomeActive(self):
            print('custom tool is active')
        def becomeInactive(self):
            print('custom tool is inactive')
        def draw(self, scale):
            if self.position is not None:
                size = 10
                x = self.position.x - size
                y = self.position.y - size
                stroke(1, 0, 0)
                oval(x, y, size*2, size*2)
        def getToolbarTip(self):
            return "My Tool Tip"
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  • RE: Can't update robofont

    There are some non-ascii characters in your fea file. You can remove the non-ascii by right-clicking the UFO file and choosing Show Package Contents; open the feature.fea file in a code editor and remove the second line. I hope this makes sense. Or wait until the update is posted.

    This issue is fixed and will be present in the next update.
    for your reference:

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  • RE: Traceback when sorting AllFonts()

    @benedikt said in Traceback when sorting AllFonts():

    these functionalities should be provided by an implementation and not by fontParts, similar to CurrentFont, CurrentGlyph, CurrentLayer, CurrentContour, CurrentPoint,... FontList is optional but could be provided by an implementation.

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  • RE: Can't update robofont

    could you send me the ufo file by mail?


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  • RE: Traceback when sorting AllFonts()

    This changed to a list of info attributes, see

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