SOLVED ‘Save FDK parts’ doesn’t seem to do anything

  • Maybe I’m misunderstanding this feature, but it sounds like it’s supposed to save features, kerns and other info next to the UFO file instead of inside of it. But it doesn’t do anything with my existing files. What am I misunderstanding?

  • admin

    I see, and found it, seems like the default setting is not used in the font compiler.

    Will be fixed in the next update...

  • I tried that with the embedded and system FDK and that does not work for me.
    OS 10.10 and Robofont 1.7

  • admin

    "Save FDK parts" saves all files required by FDK while generating a binary font next to the ufo file, if this is enabled.

    The folder has the name of your <familyName><styleName>.fdk and contains several files like:

    • compile.otf
    • features
    • font.otf (the final thing)
    • fontInfo
    • glyphOrder
    • menuname

  • Ignore the main gist of this question, I suppose. I export the kern feature myself now. Though I am still not sure what the feature is supposed to do.