SOLVED Handling selection in a Custom Tool

  • Is there a standard way to handle the selection/unselection of points in a custom tool?

    I mean something like the EditingTool behaves. When I subclass my custom tool from the EditingTool, the selection behaviour is there, but I don't want the editing/moving of points in my tool.

    If I subclass the BaseEventTool, I know how to find out where clicking/dragging starts and stops, but is there an easy way to find out the affected points to manage the selection myself? Something like CurrentGlyph.getPointsInsideBox((x0, y0), (x1, y1)) perhaps?

  • Great, thanks

  • admin

    there is no standard way to set the point selection

    you can use fontTools pointInRect

    from fontTools.misc.arrayTools import pointInRect
    for contour in CurrentGlyph():
        for point in contour.points:
            print pointInRect((point.x, point.y), (minx, miny, maxx, maxy))

    take a look at the PolygonSelectionTool

    good luck!