Check Kerning

  • Hi,

    I want to improve my script for generating images of sample texts in (tiny)DrawBot directly from the ufo.
    Is there an easy way to check if two glyphs has a kerning value?


  • admin

    There is the kerning attribute of a font

    f = CurrentFont()
    print f.kerning[('A', 'V')]

    If there is group kerning, maybe you should flatten the kerning dict in a temporary dict.
    If the kerning is only available in the features, best is to compile the font it and read it back into RoboFont.

    good luck!

  • Merci.
    Indeed, there is some group-group and glyph-group and glyph-glyph kerning. So no way to get directly a value out the ufo?
    Will try the temp dict.

    Thanks Frederik!