MultiLineView padding

  • Hi,

    It appears that a MultiLineView object has some kind of default padding on the top and left (margin between where the white background starts and where any text starts to be displayed). Is it possible to change/set this programmatically when making a MultiLineView object? I tried using the FrameAdjustments but I’m not sure that’s the best/intended way.


  • admin

    yeah, you can use the same hack

    glyphPreview.getNSView()._buffer = 40

    I've added a better and friendlier API on my todo list :)

  • Does what I need. :) Thankyou!

  • admin

    He Nina

    you could hack around it.... (maybe I have to implement a friendly way :)

    glyphLineView.contentView()._buffer = 20 # default is 15

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