Modify glyph copy/paste behavior for custom contexts?

  • Hi Frederik,

    I love how copy-pasting a glyph renders it in different ways in different contexts – like how it prints out the glif data if you try to copy-paste to a text field.

    I’m wondering about modifying this behavior in special cases. Specifically, looking at improvements for word-o-mat I was wondering if it might be useful for the user to be able to copy-paste glyphs into the input text fields. (I’m not sure it’s actually a good idea, but some people may try to do that.) But then of course I would want the glyph name to be pasted, not the XML data (which is what currently happens, as the text field is identified as a text-only context, I guess).

    So I’m wondering whether it is (a) possible and (b) actually desirable/a good idea/good form to make the glyph paste itself as a name instead of the xml data in such a case?

    Thanks for your thoughts,

  • Thanks Frederik. That’s a very useful start. I see it does not inherit/use the text attribute of the Vanilla EditText, which I need, but I guess I’ll look into making a subclass of my own ... maybe for the version after next ;)

  • admin

    He Nina

    Space Center already doest that, in all three input boxes. You could use that for Word-O-Mat... so it has support for pasting glif xml

    from lib.UI.spaceCenter.glyphSequenceEditText import GlyphSequenceEditText
    from vanilla import *
    class Test:
        def __init__(self):
            self.w = Window((200, 100))
            # the only tricky thing is that it is optimized for the lowerlevel defcon font object...
            self.w.input = GlyphSequenceEditText((10, 10, -10, 22), CurrentFont().naked(), callback=self.inputChangedCallback)
        def inputChangedCallback(self, sender):
            print sender.get()


    RoboFont writes different representations to the pasteboard, any thing that is responding to a paste action can read their preferred representation.

    it is possible to add you're own representations if you subscribe to the paste notification, just a add or rewrite whatever you like :)


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