Link to local FDK?

  • Preferences / Misc allows to uncheck "Use embedded FDK for font".

    But how do I point Robofont to another (local) FDK?

  • admin


    if its enabled it will use the embedded FDK, if not RoboFonts tries to use the the local installed FDK, if you dont have a FDK installed you are not able to generate binaries.

    If you want to check if FDK is installed type "which makeotf" in your Terminal. This should return some similar like "/Users/<userName>/bin/FDK/Tools/osx/makeotf"

  • “The reason is not clear”

    What does the checkbox than actually do? Or is it a future feature?

  • admin

    mmm no, RoboFont only talks to the FDK which is set as default. The FDK that responds to "makeotf" in Terminal.

    Is there a reason why you want to use an older version of the FDK?

  • Yes, different versions installed. So, is it possible to link to another version of FDK?

  • admin

    you have multiple FDK on your local machine?
    RoboFont will use the FDK that is responding when you type "makeotf" in terminal

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