UNSOLVED Adding new glpys cause error

  • I want to add some character to a ttf file.
    Facing randomly this issue:

    ...multiple glyphs (U,Udieresis) mapped to code <DC>\n' makeotf [Error] Failed to build output font file Adelarsio.ttf

    After editing ttf file and save as otf, there is no error. But otf output is corrupted, it seems 0 KB empty file. When try to save as same format, ttf. See this error.

    How can I solve it. Thanks...

  • @gferreira Editing binary of U not solved the problem. This time it throws an error for u. After removing both Udieresis and udieresis characters it compiled successfuly.

    How I solve my problem?

    I created a new font file and move all glyps to the new font file then compile.

  • @cyb3rsalih 220 (0xDC in hexadecimal) is the unicode value for Udieresis.

  • Thank you! @gferreira I don't understand what you mean to say 220 ?

  • I found that a great way to add new glyphs (or replace existing glyphs) to your own fonts is to use OTMaster's Glyph Copy Tool.


  • hi @cyb3rsalih,

    (editing binary fonts can be tricky, because not all font data is available in editable form. it is always a good idea to get in touch with the foundry, as they can provide the source files or make the changes for you.)

    the error message means that two glyphs (U and Udieresis) are mapped to the same unicode value, which is not allowed. try removing 220 from U, and generate the font again.

    good luck!