RoboFont 3.2b

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    As part of a change in the release process, RoboFont offers beta versions to make the development process more transparent, and make important bug fixes more quickly available to users.

    A first public Beta version of RoboFont 3.2 is now available from the Downloads page.

    Main changes in this version:

    • big speed improvement when generating font binaries
    • better error handling when validating extensions
    • improve loading extensions which require other extensions (load required extensions first)
    • use allFonts as keyword in SelectFont dialog
    • added a pop-up window to copy metrics when copying between layers
    • several bug fixes!
    • Update of internal packages.

    Newer 3.2 Beta builds will become available on the website as they are released.

    Special thanks to all beta testers & users for their precious feedback and feature requests.


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