For instance, if you happen to have an iPad with Procreate and you like drawing stuff with the ApplesPen, this might be interesting: Two scripts. 1 First, using the export_drawings script you export the current glyph as an image (a reasonable sized png). The script makes a nice path to your icloud folder, like ~/RoboFont/<ufoName>/glyphName.png. 2 Then using your favorite pixel editor on your favorite tablet (i.e. Procreate on iPad), you can open the file. Edit. Markup. Make radical changes that you would never dare to do if it were only vectors. Then you save the image in the same place, same name. (look up how Procreate does that if you have to, it's not difficult) 3 Then back to RoboFont, with the same glyph open, run the import_drawings script. This pulls the image from iCloud and copies it to the background. Before I make it more complex then it really needs to be, let me know what you think and how you use it. -- E