SOLVED Where is normal command-Z

  • Hi there.
    I feel crazy to ask, but is the command-Z on Robofont 4.1 different? Or is there a new option?

    Tried a new project, and when I do some changes and want to command-Z, the last version of my glyph from opening Robofont appears instead of the last changed. Maybe there is an Undo Historic I don't know yet. On the other hand, now I do every change in awareness as I might loose the track of what I am doing...

  • Hi @paulinefourest ,
    maybe your keyboard layout/languages input has been switched (turning command-z into command-y, for example)? I think the standard MacOS setting is that command-space switches to “next keyboard layout”.

  • hi @paulinefourest,
    we did not change the undo behaviour, if you keep having this issue, please let us have a few more details on your setup.


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