• Deleting glyphs in RoboFont doesn't delete those glyphs in kern & gsub feature. Which means that manually deleting glyphs leads to an unusable ufo, because those deleted glyphs are still referred to in the feature files so the ufo doesn't generate anymore. The ufo then turned into a jungle.

    What would be the correct approach for subsetting in RF?

  • admin

    it will remove the glyph name from all groups in font.groups
    and it will remove the kerning pair of one of two is equal to the removed glyph

    so when a user removes glyph 'A', it will remove (if those settings are enabled):

    font.kerning[('A', 'V')]
    font.kerning[('A', 'myKerningGroups')]
    font.kerning[('V', 'A')]

  • Okay.

    About the new pref: if deleted glyphs, which will be removed from the kern groups, are part of an exception in the kerning, will that exception than also be deleted? (or is this oldskool feature-file thinking?)

  • admin

    The next version will have a pref setting that will let users choose if they want to remove the glyph name from font.groups and font.kerning when a glyph is being deleted.

    RoboFont will not remove the glyph name from the feature file (not in the kern feature or in feature groups)

    And subsetting is easier the other way around, I think. Create a new documents and copy all the necessary glyphs from a "master" UFO. (bests with a script off course)