Here’s a script to split glyphs out of a kerning group, but keep kerning

  • I have often been a little over-enthusiastic with making groups for the kerning of early iterations of fonts, grouping all round shapes together, etc – then later realized that I wanted to make kerns with more exactitude. However, I’ve then had trouble disentangling kerning groups. E.g. when I tried to remove "a" from the n.side1 group, I lost kerning in the "a" that was almost correct, and had to semi-repeat a bunch of work. It would be easier to keep kerning, then correct it just a little bit.

    Luckily, this isn’t actually too hard to do with a script, and folks on Twitter today were really helpful! Script tips and a manual solution were given in replies:

    Here’s the final (?) script I came up with to solve my problem in a semi-automated way:

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