bad CharString format

  • Hi!
    I tried to create a "cap only" character set with some arrows, and I don't know what is wrong but I always get this message:

    makeotfexe [WARNING] syntax error [glyphOrder:1] (record skipped)(gnameError)
            makeotfexe [FATAL] bad CharString format
            Error executing command 'makeotfexe -f /var/folders/8p/_gvzy0l51zq6f0z607m308_c0000gn/T/tmp43_u65tx -o /privateCAFE_CHAV-v6.otf -ff features -gf glyphOrder -mf menuname -r'
            makeotf [Error] Failed to build output font file '/privateCAFE_CHAV-v6.otf'.

    Here is my set, as it is written in RF

    /.notdef A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z zero one two three four five six seven eight nine grave acute breve circumflex dieresis macron caron commaaccent dotaccent ogonek ring cedilla tilde hungarumlaut Aacute Abreve Acircumflex Adieresis Agrave Amacron Aogonek Aring Aringacute Atilde AE AEacute Cacute Ccaron Ccedilla Ccircumflex Cdotaccent Dcaron Eth Dcroat Eacute Ebreve Ecaron Ecircumflex Edieresis Edotaccent Egrave Emacron Eng Eogonek Gbreve Gcircumflex Gcommaaccent Gdotaccent Hbar Hcircumflex IJ Iacute Ibreve Icircumflex Idieresis Idotaccent Igrave Imacron Iogonek Itilde Jcircumflex Kcommaaccent Lacute Lcaron Lcommaaccent Ldot Lslash Nacute Ncaron Ncommaaccent Ntilde Oacute Obreve Ocircumflex Odieresis Ograve Ohungarumlaut Omacron Otilde Oslash Oslashacute Racute Rcaron Rcommaaccent Sacute Scaron Scedilla Scircumflex Scommaaccent Tbar Tcaron Tcedilla Tcommaaccent Uacute Ubreve Ucircumflex Udieresis Ugrave Uhungarumlaut Umacron Uogonek Uring Utilde Wacute Wcircumflex Wdieresis Wgrave Yacute Ycircumflex Ydieresis Ygrave Zacute Zcaron Zdotaccent dotlessj space emspace enspace thinspace period comma colon semicolon ellipsis exclam exclamdown question questiondown periodcentered bullet asterisk numbersign slash backslash hyphen endash emdash underscore parenleft parenright braceleft braceright bracketleft bracketright quotesinglbase quotedblbase quotedblleft quotedblright quoteleft quoteright guillemetleft guillemetright guilsinglleft guilsinglright quotedbl quotesingle at ampersand copyright degree bar brokenbar dollar Euro plus minus multiply equal notequal greater less percent arrowboth arrowleft arrowright arrowdown arrowup arrowSW arrowSE arrowNW arrowNE

    Can someone had this before? Can you help me fix it?

    PS: I made the space and a ./notdef already. I also added languagesystem DFLT dflt; languagesystem latn dflt; in the features.

  • admin

    Thanks Paul!

  • Yeaaaaah!! Thank you Paul!
    Indeed the slash was the problem, I don't remember when it appeared…

  • Hi Léna!

    Try to rename the first glyph to .notdef (instead of /.notdef).
    I think that might be the culprit here.

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