The RoboFont Community is moving to Discord

  • Dear RoboFont Community,

    The public Slack workspace we started in April is a great success! It creates a direct connection between the team behind RoboFont and a larger group of users compared to the forum and the beta mailing list. It fosters knowledge exchange between users. It provides a steady flow of feedback supporting the application development. That's simply great.

    Unfortunately our kind of community does not fit Slack's business model. The free plan does not allow users to read and search messages older than 90 days, slowly erasing knowledge built over time. Its pricing model – proportional to user count – is unsustainable for a community of 150 members (and growing). So, after some reflection, we decided to look for an alternative. Good news is, we found it!

    The RoboFont Community is moving to Discord. Frederik is already at work transferring all – not just the last 90 days – public data from Slack to a new server (Discord’s workspaces) on Discord. Attachments and files will be there too. The next betas will be distributed exclusively on Discord.

    You can already subscribe to the new server using the following link:

    The archive will be moved on Wednesday 28th and collected in a dedicated read-only category of the server. Every messaged posted on Slack after Wednesday will not be moved to Discord. In the new year we will freeze the Slack workspace and archive all its channels. It will be accessible for 90 days, then all the messages will become unaccessible.

    Discord is really cool! We can’t wait to see you there! Consider that we a have a surprise for you coming in the new year. Needless to say, only on RoboFont new Discord server ;)

    See you there!
    Frederik and Roberto

  • admin

    I guess the discord server is much more active!

  • Awesome, it’ll be nice to chat on Discord!

    Maybe a silly question, but... where is the better place to ask questions about potential bugs in RoboFont? Here, or the Discord?

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