Disappearing Images

  • Hello. I'm having a problem with my images in the glyph window becoming invisible at a certain zoom level. The pink selection box is still there, but sometimes the image does not reappear even after I zoom out again. This happens with TIFs and JPGs, large and small.

  • Also, both large and small images disappear, as I said, but the smaller the image, the further I have to zoom out to make it reappear. I hope that is a meaningful clue for you.

  • Version 1.2, Mac 10.6.8
    I've been repeating my normal steps with different images in new font files to find the problem but nothing became clear to me. Sometimes the image disappears immediately after placing it and zooming in, sometimes it happens after I have added new layers and/or laid a few anchor points. It happens whether or not there are transformations and image adjustments applied.

  • admin


    I cannot reproduce this issue.
    RoboFont version?
    OS version?
    Is there a transformation on the image?
    Any image adjustment? (contrast, brightness,...)