Layers disappearing

  • I've been having a strange problem with layers. Let's say I make a new layer called "background" and paste some paths into it. Somehow, in passing UFOs between RoboFont, Superpolator and Prepolator, the layer disappears. However, if I make a "new" layer called "background" in RoboFont, the paths I previously pasted into the missing layer are restored. So, somehow, something (probably Prepolator, since Superpolator is not modifying the UFOs as far as I know) is modifying the UFOs in such a way that the layer info gets messed up, but not irretrievably.

  • Okay, thanks.

  • admin

    yep, I can reproduce it,
    will be fixed in the next update :)
    (you can already prevent it by modifying anything the foreground layer)


  • RoboFont: 1.2
    Prepolator: 1.0.4

    The UFOs I'm working with came from FontLab (using UFO Central). There is only a foreground layer, aparrently.

  • admin

    Which version are you using for both apps? (RoboFont, Prepolator)

    I quickly followed your steps and I cannot reproduce this issue. Can you give some more detailed steps to reproduce it?

    As default new fonts in RoboFont already has a "background" layer.The UFO's RoboFont is generating should be compatible with Prepolator cause they are valid UFO2 UFO's. The layer data is stored in the glyph.lib with a custom RoboFont lib key.

    Superpolator will ignore the layer data and will also not add the masters glyph.lib to new instances.


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