Output window and stopping script executing

  • The output window doesn't print out while processing a script but when it's finished, unlike the script window, which does it progressively.
    Is this desired or just shouldn't happen? For me it makes more sense to have progressively output, not all when the script is finished

    And, is there any way to stop a running script (as cmd-. )



  • Thanks for letting me know, Frederik. Not meaning to rush, I was just wondering :)

  • admin

    Stopping a script is more difficult that it sounds like… but it is still on the todo list :)

  • Hey, I came across this old thread while searching for ways to force quit a running script. Is there anything like cmd-. that works to cancel when a script gets stuck?

    Thanks :)

  • admin

    This is true:
    the output in the scripting window is being updated whenever there is a print statement (this is very time consuming)
    the output in the output window is only being updated whenever a script is done

    Im thinking adding "cmd ." (its actually already on the todo list....)

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