SOLVED Last Script

  • Is there a way to access the last script that has been executed?
    I'd find useful to have a shortcut to repeat the last script.

    Thanks! --jca

  • admin

    cool, post from 2012!! 👋🏼

    If you have a script open both in RF and an external editor, edit it externally, jump back to RF, the script auto updates as long as no changes were made in RF.

    There is also a really cool helper for Sublime Text, by @bahman

  • Came here looking for this. In Glyphs, this shortcut makes it very simple to code a script in a full code editor, then switch back to the app and rerun the last script (the one you're working on).

    Currently, the most efficient way I know of to do this is to assign a shortcut to each script as I'm working on it, but that takes more time and thought.

    There might be an entirely better way to code in my preferred editor, but run that script as I go in RoboFont. How do others do this?

  • admin

    mmm, no access to the last executed script, there is also no record of which scripts are being executed.

    will add it to the "think-about-to-add-this-feature" list