Bug when deleting (rare)

  • I'm not sure how to reproduce this bug but sometimes when trying to delete something the contour stays on screen until I restart RoboFont, like it's been deleted from the ufo object but still in robofont's memory. The output window shows this error (not 100% sure it's related, though).

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "lib/eventTools/editingTool.pyc", line 812, in _keyDown
      File "lib/fontObjects/doodleSelection.pyc", line 1469, in deleteSelectionFromGlyph
      File "lib/fontObjects/doodleSelection.pyc", line 1596, in _deletePointsPresurveContours
      File "lib/fontObjects/doodleContour.pyc", line 110, in removeSegment
    IndexError: list index out of range

  • I believe I am having the same issue. It freezes adding, deleting + moving points on a single glyph until I restart Robofont (I can edit the other glyphs, however, it doesn't freeze the whole program).

    Sometimes the deleted points are indeed deleted, moved, etc. after restarting, but sometimes not, I haven't figured out what makes the difference. This seems to happen when copying + pasting several components into the glyph, but I am not sure if this is connected.

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