Group kerning

  • Hello Frederik. I wonder how I can do group kerning in robofont, as I do not (or not yet) have metrics machine.
    is there an easy way with not too much of coding? Or can I use the groups2feature-extension to access groups in the kerning center?
    I am not familiar with coding except for really basic stuff, so please excuse if my question seems to be weird.
    thank you, Ronnie

  • @! got it! everything super. thank you very much.

  • admin


    first make your groups in the Group editor (
    if your group name starts with a '@' then you can use it in Kern Center (

    Adding a kerning pair hit the plus button at the bottom and the drop down input box should show you all the existing groups that can be used for kerning.

    While generating a binary RoboFont (ufo2fdk) looks if there is already a "kern" feature present in the feature file. If not it will compile the kerning in side the UFO to a "kern" feature. If you have already declared a "kern" feature it will not be overwritten by the UFO kerning.

    hope this makes sense.

    good luck

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