Features update

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to build a script for my features.
    I open (or make) the features.fea file and write stuff into the file.
    The problem is: it’s not updated in the features UI.
    f.update() doesn’t to the trick.

    Who can help?


    my sketch:

    f = CurrentFont()
    g = CurrentGlyph()
    path = f._get_path() + "/features.fea"
    fea = open(path, "w")
    liga = "feature liga { \n"
    for g in f:
        if g.name == 'fi':
            liga+= "    sub f i by fi;\n"
        if g.name == 'ffi':
            liga+= "    sub f f i by ffi;\n"
        if g.name == 'fl':
            liga+= "    sub f l by fl;\n"    
    liga += "} liga;\n\n"

  • Yes, this is easier and does exactly what I want!

    Thanks Frederik!

  • admin

    mm, why would you rewrite the source file?
    RoboFont will see this change only when you jumped to an other application and back to RoboFont.

    But I strongly encourage you not to do it like this :)

    f = CurrentFont()
    ## get the fea text
    feaText = f.features.text
    for i in range(100):
        feaText += "# halleluja\n"
    f.features.text = feaText

    ps: also strongly advised: never ever use private callback, private callbacks are callbacks starting with an _ (underscore) those allows developers to change underlaying API stuff with bothering the top level API.


    f = CurrentFont()
    print f.path