Copy font info

  • I am fiddling around with some scripts to copy and set the font info from one font to another. Copying single fields like info.familyName is no problem but I am wondering if there is a way to copy the whole info ?

    Sometimes when setting info fields with a script and then clicking on the "font info" the font freezes (but I am not able to check the output window) or robofont crashes immediately. Where would I find a crash report. I only get the message that the system wants to send to apple.


  • hi frederik
    I cannot say for sure. I think I changed something in the Name Setting. Either the General Identification fields or the Postscript Identification. I did not change the values with a script this time but "manually".
    Sorry I cannot provide any better information.

  • admin

    do you remember which value you edited in the info sheet?

  • ha!

    I finally managed to have the output window in sight and do a screenshot before Robofont crashed.

    Here is the text:

    /Applications/ UninitializedDeallocWarning: leaking an uninitialized object of type VanillaArrayController

    I don't know what to do with this.


  • thanks for adding

    about the crashes: I cannot say for sure. it happens rarely and I have no idea how to reproduce it. I just remember that it happens after clicking font info.
    I found a crash report in my Library/Logs/ from the most recent crash but I am not able to make sense of it.

    thanks jo

  • admin

    Will add returning a dictionary with all the possible values

    for the crashes: can you narrow it down to a single info value that is making RoboFont to crash?