Bug in autoContourOrder

  • I have a script that tries to conform two glyphs using Glyph.autoContourOrder and Contour.autoStartSegment, but every now and then I get this error on specific glyphs:

    I can't seem to find lib/fontObjects/ to see what's happening?

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "lib/doodleDelegate.pyc", line 81, in sendEvent_
      File "/Applications/RoboFont.app/Contents/Resources/lib/python2.7/vanilla/vanillaBase.py", line 196, in action_
      File "interpolatorHelp.py", line 81, in autoCorrect
      File "lib/fontObjects/robofabWrapper.pyc", line 2313, in autoContourOrder
      File "lib/fontObjects/doodleBaseGlyph.pyc", line 200, in autoContourOrder
      File "lib/fontObjects/doodleContour.pyc", line 55, in _get_segments

  • admin

    This was idd a bug in version 1.2 where it seems to be possible that a contour has zero points, this is solved in the upcoming RoboFont 1.3.


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