Trouble Generating Font/Test Install

  • After beginning to kern a font, I have begun receiving error messages in the output window when I try to test install or generate an otf. This is the message:

    makeotf Report
    makeotf [Note] Converting source font '/font.otf' to temporary Unix Type1 font file '/font.otf.tmp'.
    makeotf [Note] setting the DONT_USE_WIN_LINE_METRICS OS/2 fsSelection bit 7 from fontinfo keyword.
    makeotf [Note] setting the WEIGHT_WIDTH_SLOPE_ONLY OS/2 fsSelection bit 8 from fontinfo keyword.
    makeotf [Note] setting the OBLIQUE OS/2 fsSelection bit 9 from fontinfo keyword.
    makeotf [Note] Writing options file /current.fpr
    makeotf [NOTE] Running makeotfexe with commands:
       makeotfexe -f font.otf.tmp -o Riza.otf -ff features -gf glyphOrder -mf menuname -r
    makeotfexe [WARNING]  [internal] Feature block seen before any language system statement.  You should place languagesystem statements before any feature definition [features 3]
    syntax error at "left" missing "=" [features 4]
    makeotfexe [FATAL]  aborting because of errors
    makeotf [Error] Failed to build output font file  Riza.otf.

    I don't know any coding so I (a) haven't written any for the font and (b) don't know what to make of this message.

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  • UPDATE: I replaced the spaces in my group names with underscores and everything is copacetic.

  • I haven't written any features. The features window is empty.

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    there is feature syntax error in line 4 :)


    good luck