Anchor behaviour

  • hi,
    I am not sure if I missed that feature, but is there a way to lock anchors? So they don't get selected when cmd + a is hit (and then copy pasted or moved).

    Also when an anchor is further left or right than any outline the margins are counting from that anchor.
    Shouldn’t the margins ignore any anchors?

    thanks and best,

  • Jo, thanks for the script which I'll use in the meantime.

    Frederik, thank you for listening and offering a built-in solution.

  • admin

    next update will have a cmd+ctrl+A to select all components in one go....

  • hmhm

    how about this and assigning a short/hot key to it:

    # Selects all components of currentGlyph
    g = CurrentGlyph()
    g.prepareUndo("Select Components")
    for cont in g.contours:
        cont.selected = False
    for anchor in g.anchors:
        anchor.selected = False
    for comp in g.components:
        comp.selected = True

  • Hey Jo,

    Thank you for your answer but I'd like to be able to only select components, which means in the case of a glyph with both parts (components and non components).



  • hey mathieu,
    cmd+alt+A gives you a selection of everything (outlines, components, anchors) in the glyph. so if you only have components in your glyph that could work?


  • Hello Dan,

    Now that you point it out, I remember reading it in the Version History. It's very handy indeed.
    Only component related, how do you proceed if you want to select all components at once?


  • Hi Mathieu,

    I've been wanting to do the same. I just spotted this in the 1.4 release notes:

    page begin, page end jump through anchor selection

    (they're the home and end keys on my keyboard)

    Perfect for my needs. Thanks Frederik!

  • Thank you for the very useful shortcuts!

    I've realised by using the Cmd-click to select component, that the pointer needs to be on top of the component, which often makes the component slightly move (in my experience). I've looked through the documentation but couldn't find a shortcut to only select components. If this is useful to other users and if I'm not missing a trick, may I suggest Alt-click?

    Thanks for reading and listening.

  • thanks for super fast reply !
    looking forward to v 1.3

  • admin

    the upcoming version has different behavior toward anchor selection:

    • cmd+a: select all contours
    • cmd+alt+a: select all object in the glyph, contours, anchors, components
    • marque sélection + alt + command: select anchors only

    and the anchors margin bug will also be fixed