Deleting glyphs

  • Yes, I feel like a noob: what's the trick to delete empty glyphs that are not part on encoding anymore? I've got some empty ghost glyphs from an earlier encoding. Command+X doesn't work. Do I need another power key combo? Or is this a bug? Thanks.

  • admin

    the behavior should idd be on alt + del that the template glyph should be removed both from the font overview as in the glyph order. The glyph order is used to build the template glyph during opening a UFO.


  • still there is some strange behavior. I open a ufo and delete some glyphs with alt + delete so the "cells" are gone. Then I save and close the ufo. When I reopen the ufo the empty glyphs are back.
    When I sort before saving and closing the deletion is "final". So they are gone also when reopening the font.

  • admin

    Thanks Jo, that is correct

    Delete a glyph will preserve the template glyph to keep the eventual glyph order correctly, alt + delete will also remove the template glyph and the glyph will also be removed from the glyph order.

  • hey sami,
    are you looking for this:
    • alt delete also removes the template glyph ?

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