Can't install robofont shell command

  • Trying to install the shell command I get this error, any idea?

    Airjca:~ joanca$ /var/folders/yn/07gxkky113sg621m50w419hm0000gn/T/tmpt_fBqo ; exit;
    ln: /usr/local/bin/roboFont: No such file or directory
    chmod: /usr/local/bin/roboFont: No such file or directory
    done installing

    Dank u

  • admin

    well spaces in a folder are never a good idea :)

  • Thanks Frederik, that was it.
    BTW, is there any special recommendation for storing the RoboFont application in the Apps folder?
    I currently have all my type related applications in a folder inside my home, called (now : ) "type_apps"
    Better move the whole folder to the Apps folder. Doesn't matter? Any inside trick?

  • admin

    weird, it should be asking for a admin password, to install the shell command

    is RoboFont installed in a directory with a space in one of the folder?