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  • How often does RF check for external updates to a .ufo? And can this be also called by a script?

  • admin

    RoboFont gets a notification for the OS if something changed, so it's pretty fast

  • Okay, handy. So how often does RoboFont check for external updates?

  • admin

    RoboFont checks now also for updates while RoboFont is active. So if one is changing and saving a UFO in a dropbox folder, an other designer that has the same file open will get an update notification.

  • version 1.4: "optimizing external changes (like when a UFO is stored in a dropbox folder and changed when RoboFont is active)"

    What did exactly change on this issue?

  • admin

    RoboFont only checks for updates when the app becomes active.
    In this case you arent switching to an other app and back. But the file get modified externally... while RoboFont is the active app.

    Have to think about a proper solution.

  • We're experiencing trouble working with multiple people simultaneously on the same .ufo (using Dropbox). RF doesn't always notify external updates in .ufos. If person 1 saves a .ufo, person 2 doesn't get a notification. If person 2 later on saves his .ufo, all modifications of person 1 are gone.

    Sometimes a notification appears in RF, but only after a couple of minutes. Isn't the update instant?

  • admin

    Only when the app is becoming active, so from switching to Prepolator to RoboFont will check for external updates on all open documents.

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