Round only on-curve points to grid

  • I think it would be nice to have an option to only restrict on-curve points to the upm grid, allowing curve control handles to be positioned freely.

    I usually want stems of a defined (integer) width, but want full precision when adjusting curve handles so the curves can flow smoothly and control handles can keep an exact angle. Restricting only on-curve points to the grid would IMO be a worthy compromise.

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    And to reply to your first questions (different rounding behavior for off curves) :

    This is maybe useful when the offcurves aren't extreme points and the bcp length is rather small (1-2 units). In all other cases, where the points are placed at extreme points this is not really an issue.

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    Haven't tested this out. The main issue which rasterizer is supporting floats. During development this was possible but the binary fonts freaked out in lots of cases.

    Why worry about half a unit? scale up the upm or hint the font properly.
    Otherwise I know RoboFont allows you to draw with floating points.

  • Hi Frederik, there seems to be a way to put floating point coordinates in OTFs, because Glyphs does it when you turn off the rounding to upm grid there. I verified with ttx that the font actually contains floating point coordinates, and ttx has no problem decompiling and compiling such a font again.

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    floating points in binary fonts is not possible at all :)

  • That being said, is it possible at all to generate fonts with floating-point coordinates with Robofont?

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