Print Feature?

  • Hi,
    I'm new to RoboFont and wanted to know whether there is a »print feature« for RoboFont somewhere?
    When I want to see my font printed I have to export it, install it, set it in InDesign and then print it.
    I think there should be a easier way. But maybe there is? Can somebody help me?

  • admin


    its correct there is no "print" feature in RoboFont and I think it will never happen. Print out change for each design / project. The “Test Install" option is much more flexible. Make some templates in Indesign or whatever app you prefer, test install your working document and print from there.

    This allows for example that your font in progress is been printed as a font and not as a collected vector drawings.

    good luck!

  • Ah thanks a lot. No, I haven't tried this one.

  • Hi J,

    Have you used the "Test Install" feature, through the File Menu? That makes it easier than the steps you describe. No direct Print feature to my knowledge.

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