[1.4] Scaling a glyph

  • It seems I can't scale a glyph by script anymore (it worked in 1.3):

    g = CurrentGlyph()
    g *= 3

    does nothing, whereas this works:

    g = CurrentGlyph()
    f = CurrentFont()
    f["foo"] = g * 3

    But I'd like to scale a glyph in itself, not make a new one :-/

  • admin

    There was a nasty bug in glyph math :)
    The result of some glyph math was always applied on the glyph data, which is not correct. It should return the result as a glyph object, so you can handle the result as expected: set it back in the source or store and used it somewhere else without the modifying the source data.

    I will add -= += *= operation do the todo list


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