Access to kerning classes

  • >>> f.kerning.asDict()
    >>> {('@MMK_L_f', '@MMK_R_o'): -55}

    How can I read-write the kerning classes via scripting? I couldn't find the way with robofab.
    I'd like to be able to know which glyphs are in the class and modify it.

  • admin

    The kerning keys can be either glyph names or group names.
    If they are group names (starting with an @) you can edit them in with the groups objects

    f = CurrentFont()

    Its possible that this group isn't not in your groups but already hard coded into the features.
    (normally MM is adding those kerning groups also as font.groups items)

    RoboFont does not automatically convert font.groups to feature groups.
    Use this extension for converting and adding groups to the feature file:

    good luck