Unknown file format: Too many Blue Zones

  • I've ran across a UFO that I've created with 10 Blue Zones and RoboFont Version 1.4 (built 1301142150) refuses to open them:
    The document “Antithesis-Italic.ufo” could not be opened. The file isn’t in the correct format.

    After I manually deleted a few zones, it opens fine. I've never heard that there can be too many zones, for sure not 10, so I consider this to be a bug.

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    Thanks Bas

    Yanone: how do you end up with a UFO file with 10 zones? (just curious)

  • Before having read your reply I just looked up the UFO3 specs and found the same info.
    Thank you.

  • There are some limitations with Blue Zones.

    "Up to seven pairs may be given in the BlueValues array; the first pair must be the baseline pair."

    "Up to five pairs (10 integers) may be specified in the OtherBlues array"

    Read page 36-38 from T1spec.pdf