Adding a smart set via script doesn't work

  • I'm trying to add a smart set and always get an error ... what am I doing wrong?

    from mojo.UI import SmartSet, addSmartSet
    s = SmartSet() = "Test"
    s.query = u"Contours > 0"

    The error is:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "", line 6, in 
      File "mojo/UI.pyc", line 360, in addSmartSet
      File "mojo/UI.pyc", line 390, in setSmartSets
    RoboFontError: Smart Set needs a query

  • Thanks!

  • admin

    ah, your aren't doing anything wrong
    bug in setting smart sets.

    setSmartSet seems not to be working nicely with groups....

    will be fixed in the next update, thanks