• Hi,

    The following doesn't do anything. What is wrong?

    f = CurrentFont()
    f.generate(f.path[:-4], 'otf', decompose=False, checkOutlines=False, autohint=True, releaseMode=True, glyphOrder=None, progressBar=None)

    Bonus question:
    What is the parameter of the progressBar to see it?


  • Ah thank. It works alright. With print I found that in the features there was something not okay: empty group []

    new question: is there already a super handy script which remove glyphnames -that not appear in the ufo- from the featuresfile?

  • admin

    does your font has a path? the path attribute with unsaved fonts is None.

    try printing out the message send back from the generate method:

    print font.generate(...)

    the progressBar argument should be an ProgressWindow / Controller similar to a progressWindow.

    the required methods are update(text=None) and setTickCount(value).