AccordionView update CurrentFont

  • I'd like to update the CurrentFont when I click anywhere on an AccordionView Floating window.

    So far I get it updated if I click in the top bar of the window self.w.bind("became key", self.updateCurrentFont), but can't figure out how to do it if I click in a slide of a group within the AV window. I searched within vanilla modules but couldn't find any solution.
    Thanks as always

  • Sounds a good idea, thanks : )

  • admin

    when you get a slider callback just request for the CurrentFont() instead of keeping a reference of a font

  • You probably need to observe any or all of these events:


    and react by changing the CurrentFont accordingly in your controller.

  • I've some slider making some transformations to f.selection, if I change the front font and the slider keeps transforming the previous font. So I need the slider to know which is the CurrentFont.
    Using a Window works, I prefered the floating if it would be possible. Thanks.

  • admin

    Why do you need to update the current font while clicking a window?

    Maybe don't use a floating window, Floating window only become key windows if a proper input is selected, like EditText ....