Saving / exporting kerning groups & table

  • Hello!
    I don't have Metrics Machine, so I've laboriously created kerning groups and my own kerning table. Is there a way to save separately, or export, the group and table information so I could use it for other fonts as well?

  • even better: control-click your ufo and select "show package contents"

  • It appears that you can change your file extension from fontname.ufo to and then gain access to the fontinfo.plist files. It looks like an xml format like .mobi, .epub, .docx, etc...

  • That works for importing groups, but not for the kerning table. It also doesn't update groups who have the same name in the source font and target font.

    I've been reading a bit more about ufo's - if there are files called kerning.plist and groups.plist containing the ufo's kerning and group info, can I use those to pass this information around between different ufo? If yes, how I can extract those plist files from my ufo?

  • admin

    you could make an import groupFromUFO script like:

    font = CurrentFont()
    sourceFont = OpenFont(showUI=False)
    for group, value in sourceFont.groups.items():
        if group in font.groups:
            print "already in font!"
            font.groups[group] = value