Crash with testinstalled font

  • hello,

    test install is a wonderful and very helpful feature.

    but I already managed a few times to crash robofont with a font test-installed.
    when reopening robofont I get the warning:

    "Found some uninstalled test fonts. [Name of the font] It's required to deinstall these fonts." 

    Now I managed to find the font somewhere hidden in private > var > folders … and I can delete the file(s).

    But it won’t let me empty the trash and usually requires a system restart. Also testinstalling the same font again wont update the file anymore. Is there any other way to get rid of that file or clearing the cache?
    thanks, jo

  • admin

    RoboFont pops up this warning whenever it finds a test installed font which was not deactivated on quit. Those test installed fonts should be deinstalled after the warning.

  • thanks for you replay
    unfortunately this does not work after a crash. upon reopening i get the warning. i click ok (no other option given) but the font(s) are still there. textedit still has the font in the menu and I can actually use it. only after a system restart it fully deletes the files.

  • admin

    oh, strange.

    Can you look into the and see if there is a notice from RoboFont? It should state: “Succeeded to acivate font!” whenever a font is installed or “Succeeded to deactivate font” whenever a font is deinstalled. If something goes wrong it should say: “Failed to activate/deactivate fonts”


  • I am experiencing the same issue every once in awhile, both when my computer or when RoboFont (versions 1 and 3) crash. I can only solve it by quitting Robofont properly and opening it again.

    I might be missing something here, but is there a built-in way to "deinstall" test-installed fonts, other than via scripting with testDeinstall()? I'll probably create a script for now, but it would be nice to know if there were something more automatic. :)

  • Oh, hmm. Actually, when I run:

    from mojo.UI import *

    ...I get an empty list. This gets populated with test installed fonts once I make them.

    Perhaps the opening error message could just be made more clear? Or maybe it's not needed at all, if Robofont automatically de-installs test fonts on crashing?

  • admin

    what RoboFont does related to test install:

    each test install font path is added to a list in the prefs, on quit RF loops over this list and deinstalls all fonts.

    When RF crashes, it cannot deinstall those fonts. So the next launch detects those test installed fonts, a popup will appear and RF tries to deinstall them.

    RoboFont tries to inform users as much as possible on issues happening in the background. Silent fixes are not the best solutions for many cases...