Spaces show the undefined glyph when installed on a PC

  • Hi RoboFont community,

    I recently ran into some font problems where a font would show up as Oswald on PC's, and Allerton on Macs. At my job we send a lot of documents back and forth so this is a problem!

    Inspecting the font in RoboFont everything appeared to be "Oswald", however when I went to Font Info/OpenType/Name Table the "Compatible Full Name" was Allerton and the Unique ID had Allerton in it as well. So I changed these to Oswald and it's working like a charm on Macs. However, on PC's, every space shows the undefined square glyph (and actually switches to the default Times New Roman). I've tried all sorts of export settings but no luck. I'm flying a bit blind here as I'm new to the font editing/creation world and was hoping I could get some help.

    Here's the original Oswald TTF (OFL license):
    Here's what I'm saving out and am getting the square glyphs:

    Really appreciate any help, I'm at wit's end!

  • admin

    check the unicode of your "space" glyph!

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