GlyphColor and backgroundColor in MultiLineView or GlyphLineView?

  • Is it possible to set glyphColor and backgroundColor in MultiLineView? I couldn't find a way if it is.

    I could get it with GlyphLineView (defconAppKit.controls) but I wasn't able to have a trasparent background (I tried using NSColor with alpha).

    In short I'd like to display two GlyphLineView (or MultiLineView) one on top of each other and have transparent background to get the overlapping colors of the displayed glyphs.

    I hope I explained well enough : )

    Thanks for your help.

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    I see, still with spaceCenterDraw it should be possible to get a long way :)

    but did you check ?
    maybe this is already doing what you are looking for....

    good luck

  • Thanks Frederik, but no luck :)

    I got the spaceCenterDraw notification. I've been trying but I didn't managed to get what I want.

    Do you mean draw each layer on top of the 'foreground' layer? Can I change the color of the glyph for each layer when drawing and have overlapping colors and that will be reflected in the spaceCenter? Do I need to do this in the spaceCenter?

    I'd like to overlap glyph layers (or glyphs from different fonts) as in the Stacked Groups in a Line or MultiLineView (or groups in MM), being able to select color for each layer and background. I can access to glyphColor and backGround color in GlyphLineView but not in MultiLineView.

    Any further clue of objects to check/access? I'm a bit lost now.

    Thanks -- [actually brainboiled]

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    mm, I dont think this is best approach to display overlapping glyphs :)

    there is a notification when a glyph is drawn in a space center: spaceCenterDraw see

    you can get each glyph layer and draw it on top of the main glyph

    good luck