Word Completion language setting

  • Hello
    in the space center window, there is this nice shortcut (option + esc) to open a drop down word-list to complete a word once the first character is typed. The language setting seems to be Dutch. Is there a way to change this to another language?

  • hello frederik, thanks for the reply.
    I know this works in other applications (all cocoa apps?) as well. But if I use it in Mail, Safari or TextEdit it always gives me an english WordList (which is my OS language). I cannot think of anyplace in my computer where I set the language to Dutch. That is why I had the idea that it might be possible to change it in RoboFont.
    Groeten, jo

  • admin


    this is a OSX feature :) and I guess its depending on your language settings

    but have to look to improve so the suggestions contains only the glyph names of the font.....