FontDidClose event

  • Could be that the FontDidClose event is not properly catched by an observer?
    It doesn't appears either in the list when running the RoboFontExamples/observers/

    from import addObserver, removeObserver
    class myObserver(object):
        def __init__(self):
            addObserver(self, "didOpen", "fontDidOpen")
            addObserver(self, "didClose", "fontDidClose")
            addObserver(self, "resignCurrent", "fontResignCurrent")
        def didOpen(self, sender):
            print "font open!"
        def didClose(self, sender):
            print "font close!"
        def resignCurrent(self, sender):
            print "not current"

  • Yes, that will work. Thanks!

  • admin

    I see

    will add a fontDidClose notification, but it will be a generic one: it will not send any font data cause the font is already released from memory by then.

  • Well, the thing is that I wanted to update in a vanilla popUpButton AllFonts when a font did close. If I do it with fontWillClose the font is still there.
    I just found it in the docs and seemed useful for what I wanted. I'll find another approach then. Thanks