Glyph name syntax

  • Hi!

    For a project, I need to add an alternate version of an accent, say grave, which I've named grave.alt.

    I'm using uppercase versions of accents to build uppercase accented glyphs, which I usually name with the suffix .uc. The uppercase version of grave is then grave.uc.

    My question is, how do I name the uppercase version of an alternate version of an accent?

    In my case, shall I name it grave.uc.alt? Is it safe for a project in development, to double suffixes? If not, what would you recommend as best practise?

    Thanks for your help, best,

    Mathieu Christe

  • Good evening Frederik,

    Thanks for the clarification, back to building my system!

  • admin

    Hi Mathieu

    it doesn't really matter, just make a system that makes it easy for you to search and find subsets by suffixes.