Question about the Grid

  • I used to work with a 4x4 grid. In RoboFont it seems not to work perfectly for me.

    Is there a possibility to show the grid all the time, no matter what zoom is used? Or to select at which level they should appear? (The 4x4 gridlines show finally at 1048% zoom.)

    Because of the inline gaps the gridlines look sometimes distorted. I really would prefer a continuous stroke. May I select this anywhere?

  • admin

    To be able to get a cleaner UI the grid isn't show when its not really necessary, so if you have set your grid really small in the preferences it has no use showing them when the glyph view is zoomed out.

    You can not change the dashed line.

    I think there is a easier solution for you: set the "Snap points to:" to 4 (in your case) in the Preferences > Glyph view tab. You will be able to draw and edit your outlines only with points coordinates which are a multiples of 4.

    Hope this helps