Guide.y accepts no new value

  • Hi,

    scaleFactor = .512
    for g in f:
      if g.selected:
        for guide in g.guides:
          print guide.coordinate
          guide.x = guide.x * scaleFactor
          guide.y = guide.y * scaleFactor
          print guide.coordinate


    (197, 432)
    (100.864, 432)
    (444, 635)
    (227.328, 635)

    Everything works except the y coordinate.

    Cheers, Thom

  • follow up:

    Also if you scale the blues in the font by a factor the value become <real> in the fontinfo instead of <integer>.
    Now you can not edit them in the fontinfo window anymore...

    So be sure to int(here_a_blue_value)

  • Merci :-)

  • admin

    oh oeps, typo, good catch
    will be fixed in the next update...