Building accents?

  • Hi,

    This "Building Accents" code (almost 100% taken from the RFab site) is not working and I can't figure out why. It runs apparently fine but the glyphs are not updated, they keep empty.

    Any thought? Am I missing something?


    # from import CurrentFont
    from import readGlyphConstructions
    # from random import randint
    f = CurrentFont()
    import string
    theList = [
    con = readGlyphConstructions()
    def accentify(f, preflight=False):
        print 'start accentification',
        slots = con.keys()
        for k in theList:
            if k[-3:] in [".sc"]:
                isSpecial = True
                tag = k[-3:]
                name = k[:-3]
                isSpecial = False
                tag = ""
                name = k
            parts = con.get(name, None)
            if parts is None:
                print k, "not defined?"
            base = parts[0]
            accents = parts[1:]
            f.generateGlyph(k, preflight=preflight)
            # f[k].mark = 100 + randint(-20, 20)
    print 'done'</pre>

    [I just prettified your code example]

  • admin

    its idd not working in the current build
    this will be working in the next update, this is scheduled soon :)

  • Apart from the refresh of the font Overview, the anchors are ignored when placing the accents. It just appends the components ignoring the anchors placement.
    Can you confirm this?

  • admin

    and its maybe better to use font.compile since you already know the base glyph and accents

    # in your example
    # replace f.generateGlyph(k, preflight=preflight) by
    f.compileGlyph(k, baseName=base+tag, accentNames=accents, preflight=preflight)

  • admin

    the font overview doesn't get updated, this will be solved in the next version.....

    side note:

    # glyph.mark takes a tuple of 4 
    r = 1
    g = 0
    b = 0
    a = 1
    glyph.mark = (r, g, b, a)