Extension vs. just a script

  • Hi,

    This might be a naive question but I'm wondering why build an extension instead of having just a script.

    I understand it absolutely makes sense when it uses some modules or resources but when all the code is packed in one clever and only file... I can't really see the difference, further than the 'help' file included.

    Thanks for the light : )


  • admin

    There is no difference between just executing a script or an extension. In some cases an extension is easier when the tool or added functionality gets bigger (with embedded modules) and when there are assets (like icons).

    Extensions have a info.plist which is handy to share, check versions and fe Mechanic is using that to download the correct packages from github...

    Otherwise you can also set start up scripts in the prefs. Those gets executed during start up.

    good luck!

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