Search Mark Color

  • Hi,

    I noticed that when searching (for making a Smart Set) the mark colors are already populated, but instead of showing all mark colors actually used, it only displays those mark colors defined in the font collection window (which I guess are stored in the lib)

    Would it be possible to populate this list on the fly looking at the actual mark colors used in the font? I have the situation that I would like to make a smart set based on an extension’s output which marks glyphs – but in a different color than what I have already defined. It seems like that should be possible to search for, too.

    (If this is not doable, of course I can just predefine that color, but it seems a little not so elegant perhaps :) )

  • admin

    you can always use "contains" or "match" options

    but it would be idd a lot nicer when the colors are updated when ever a glyph.mark is added or changed...