Test Install and Yosemite

  • Since upgrading to OS X Yosemite, I’ve been struggling to, in any way, get my fonts to Test Install. I’ve had success once or twice, but now have been failing consistently for a week or two. The file is nowhere to be found, and no app is aware of the font’s existence.

    Now, I suspect that Yosemite has tightened up the font cache. Adobe apps are notoriously slow to learn of new fonts regardless, but as it stands now, Test Install simply does not work.

    Here’s the log, which is otherwise successful.

    makeotf Report
    makeotf [Note] Converting source font '/font.otf' to temporary Unix Type1 font file '/font.otf.tmp'.
    makeotf [Note] setting the DONT_USE_WIN_LINE_METRICS OS/2 fsSelection bit 7 from fontinfo keyword.
    makeotf [Note] setting the WEIGHT_WIDTH_SLOPE_ONLY OS/2 fsSelection bit 8 from fontinfo keyword.
    makeotf [Note] setting the OBLIQUE OS/2 fsSelection bit 9 from fontinfo keyword.
    makeotf [Note] Writing options file /current.fpr
    makeotf [Note] Running makeotfexe with commands:
       cd ""
       makeotfexe -f font.otf.tmp -o tmpA2l3P_.otf -ff features -gf glyphOrder -mf menuname -ga
    makeotfexe [WARNING] <[REDACTED]> Major version number not in range 1 .. 255 [features 19]
    makeotfexe [NOTE] Wrote new font file 'tmpA2l3P_.otf'.
    Built development mode font 'tmpA2l3P_.otf'.